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Welcome to our dental centre.

Visit our state-of-the-art dental clinic in the heart of Poznan. We offer dental care of the highest world standards and friendly atmosphere in a place created with the most demanding patients in mind. We offer dental care of the highest world standards and friendly atmosphere in a place created with the most demanding patients in mind.


Nuks dentists are kind support staff, comfort and a friendly atmosphere. It is also a convenient registration system for visits and friendly prices.

Newest technologies

Nuks dentists are treatment rooms equipped with the most modern devices, working exclusively
on attested materials of the highest quality.

Installment treatments

To meet the expectations of patients, whom we fully understand and are interested in paying in installments for the procedure, we contacted the institution that finances the procedures at the patient’s request.

Nuks dentists

Our Values

Honest medical care is every patient’s basic right, and each doctor has a duty to provide it to everyone who asks for their help. and each doctor has a duty to provide it to everyone who asks for their help. Dr Bartosz Kubasik takes special care to offer the best solutions possible to his patients. At the same time, he strives to ensure treatment methods that meet the patients’ expectations. Patient-doctor trust is a value of the utmost importance. This is why we appreciate honesty so much.

Our team sees honesty in the profession of a dentist as addressing the real needs of patients rather than being driven by desire for profit, which is so prevalent in our times. Honesty also means responsibility. True medicine is honest and responsible.

Our specialists

The Nuks dental office was created out of the need to help others. The patient is always the most important for us. It is with him and his problems in mind that we created this place.


Ewa Bonik - Szyszko

Conservative dentistry, surgery, prosthodontics.

Bartosz Kubasik

Implantology, orthodontics, prosthodontics, surgery.

Paulina Matysko

Conservative dentistry, surgery, prosthodontics.


Angelika Marynowska

Dental hygienist

Joanna Głodek

Dental assistant

Dentists for the whole family

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We are a comprehensive dental office

You will find: two fully-equipped treatment rooms, experienced and constantly developing team of dentists, certified dental hygienist, who offers dental hygiene procedures and training.


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We take care of your beautiful smile.

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry, i. e. fillings, cannot be ignored in any clinic offering a full range of treatment. We follow the latest research and select the best materials (e.g. from the Japanese company GC). As a result our fillings last longer and are exceptionally aesthetic and neat. With smooth surfaces and stable colours, they adapt easly to the natural colour of the teeth.

All procedures are performed under local anaesthetic without additional charges. We encourage our patients to familiarize themselves with guidelines for proper oral hygiene, the most important element of dental prophylaxis.



Implants are the best solution for restoring the teeth you lost. One titanium implant can be used to restore an individual tooth, two can stabilise dentures, and four or six are used to restore a full dental arch. Implants are placed under anaesthetic.

A titanium implant is set in the bone, and its biggest advantage is that it performs the same function as the natural root of a tooth. Once the bone and the implant have fused, the next stage of treatment is to restore the visible part of the tooth.


Orthodontic treatment is available to all patients who would like to improve the appearance of their teeth, regardless of their age. Apart from improving the aesthetics, the primary aim of orthodontic treatment is ensuring that upper and lower teeth fit together properly. This helps to eliminate problems with temporomandibular joints and abnormal teeth wear. Orthodontic treatment is often necessary in preparation for dentures or implants.

We offer both metal and clear braces of leading world brands.


Modern root canal treatment (endodontics), utilising advanced knowledge and technology, is greatly appreciated by patients. In our clinic, it is a professional and painless procedure.

Dr Bartosz Kubasik belongs to the group of Polish doctors who, unlike many specialists in the West, save virtually every tooth rather than condemn it to extraction right away. X-rays taken before and immediately after the treatment ensure that it has been carried out properly.

Cosmetic dentistry

Dr Kubasik uses a modern method for establishing the relationship between the upper and lower teeth developed by Dr Dawson Academy. Its use is crucial for improving the apperance of patient’s teath.

The method makes it easier to diagnose many abnormalities, such as reasons for tooth wear. Worn teeth are more susceptible to caries, sensitive to cold and heat, and can make you look older.

Restoring the attractive, youthful appearance of the teeth is achieved by using veneers or crowns, teeth whitening, and replacing unaesthetic fillings.


Dr Bartosz Kubasik works with the latest technologies available. His two main specialities – denal surgery and implantology are closely related to each other. This is why he is ready to undertake even the most complicated treatments.

Surgical treatments offered by our clinic include:

  • treatment of periodontitis,
  • frenuloplasty of lips and tongue,
  • preparatory treatments before dental implant therapy,
  • sinus lift,
  • bone augmentation,
  • tooth extraction.


Prosthodontics deals with various ways of restoring crowns. In our clinic, we offer:


– delicate porcelain veneers, only 0.1 mm thick,

– traditional porcelain crowns, as well as modern all-ceramic crowns produced with the CAD/CAM technology, based on zirconium-oxide,

– dentures: partial, acrylic, implant-supported, overdentures, temporary dentures.


When planning treatments, we use Dr Dawson’s innovative method of establishing the proper relationship between upper and lower teeth. t makes it possible to achieve excellent results, not just in prosthodontics and orthodontics, but also in the treatment of malocclusion, temporomandibular joint disfunction, and migraines.

Hygiene and prophylaxis

The only way to keep a healthy smile is proper oral hygiene and prophylaxis.

However, some things can only be done by a specialist:

  • removing tartar (scaling)
  • removing dental plaque (sandblasting)
  • protecting teeth from caries (sealants and professional fluoridation)

Angelika Marynowska, a certified dental hygienist, teaches our patients how to take care of their teeth.

Our satisfied patients

Opinion of our patients.

They are the best! 🙂 Professional and nice! I totally recommend it 🙂


Reliable and professional team. High-class modern equipment. They always take care of patient’s health. Great diagnostics and procedure. The best dental practice in Poznań.


Comprehensive and professional dental care at every level. Engaged specialist with friendly ladies at the reception. Special thanks to Dr. Kubasik, who restored my faith in medical care.


Answers to some frequently asked questions

How to use the instalments for treatment?

Are you planning your first visit in our practice? We will help you to make an appointment. Just call us:

+48 785 933 026

If you have documentation of previous treatment, take it with you. When you make an appointment inform us about the treatment you are looking for, we will provide adequate equipment and specialist.

How to use the installments for treatment?

If a patient want to choose a specific medical service, we recommend full verification during the interview with a MediRat consultant. It is free and valid for min. 30 days, and most important, you can avoid any later surprises like arrears or delayed payments of earlier liabilities registered in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) which you simply may forget, and which affect the final offer and financing conditions.

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  • Easy and convenient instalment plant adopted to your needs.

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In our practice you will obtain information about patient’s rights, the scope of provided health services and the fee for providing medical documentation.